Who Are We?

We are a large group of local people, who have a passion for Cosplay. We want to use that overwhelming drive to help out local and national charities. We have helped raised so much already, and want to continue to work alongside organisations that need our help. We all pride ourselves on being a big family and have some amazing costumes. Some of these costumes are hand made.

What we can do for you!

There are lots of different events that we can help you with, ranging from fundraisers to parties. But all must involve an element of Charity Work. For example, if you would like us at a business opening, we would ask for a charitable donation to a designated charity.

Some examples

  • Charity Processions
  • Charity Event (Static)
  • Business openings

How you can help us!

If we can work with you on your charity event and we are available, there are a few things that we will need from you. These are simple but necessary stipulations to ensure the welfare and safety of our costumers. If not met, we may not be able to help you.

Must have's!

  • Parking must be close by and where possible free or reembursable
  • Secure changing facilities
  • Water and potentially some snacks

We really do need these bits and bobs

Some of our costumers come from a long way, and parking close by is essential. The area we require for changing must be big enough for us. Imagine each person needing the size of a disabled toilet to comfortable get changed. Then this room will need to be secured, so their belongings can be left without the fear of something going missing.


Some of these outfits are very difficult to wear and it
can become very hot and uncomfortable.
We make sure our guys and girls take regular breaks.
Keeping us hydrated with water, and maybe some snacks
to keep the blood sugar levels up, would be much appreciated.

Turning Tesco Pink

This was a recent two-day event at the Tesco Store in Fratton. We helped to raise over £900 on that day. On the day that we weren't there, they raised a further £270. Showing the power of cosplay, when working with charities.

Elite Forces

Although, we are doing this for some amazing causes, we take it very seriousely. Our goal is to bring an element of fun to the fundraising. As well as some tongue-in-cheak humour. We like to get smiles from our audience. These are a few pictures from the recent event.


If you would like to have us at your next event, please contact us from here and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We may not be able to get all of the characters you want, but we will do our best.